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Great World and Local Folk music, past and present, with a special emphasis on the NE Ohio folk music scene. Enjoy interviews with featured solo artists and Bands interspersed with their songs, and songs by other artists, new and old.

Johnny G #688

Johnny G New!

Johnny G’s music is based in blues, jazz and indie, and his stories come from a life full of extensive travel. The release of his first-ever CD Road Worn Man, offers up 14 of his best, written over the last 5 years and produced with some of Northeast Ohio’s best known musicians. Though he plays guitar, harmonica and percussion, Johnny G’s best instrument is his voice made rich by the passage of time and his unique abilities. His singing style has been loosely compared to people like Tom Waits and Van Morrison, and he’s known for emulating horn parts with scat phrasing.

Johnny plays trumpet and has worked as a rhythm guitarist, percussionist, and back-up singer in various bands in Ohio, Hawaii, South Carolina and Colorado. Now he’s settled in Akron, Ohio and will be the featured artist at the Sunday, April 12th Mountain Rose Concert.

Stringed Fantasy Small#687

Stringed Fantasy

Stringed Fantasy had its beginnings when Sue Wheeler and Rosalind Wilson first met in 1995, at a North Canton hammered dulcimer club. They gathered up a few friends, and the group (through various incarnations) has been playing together, ever since. The group specializes in traditional acoustic music. Their favorite genre is Irish music.

Enjoy a selection of their music and see Stringed Fantasy Live at the March 8th Mountain Rose Concert.

Avin Loki Baird Album Cover#686

Avin Loki Baird

“Avin Loki Baird is a singer/songwriter, fingerstyle guitarist, artist and luthier from Cleveland, Ohio. Avin sings about dreams, love, loss, hope and justice, creating imagery that will reach out with great affect. She has been performing all over the country for 30 years. She has performed with Bela Fleck, Hazel Dickens, Sam Bush, Norman and Nancy Blake, Trapezoid, Libba Cotton, David Wilcox, Pat Humphries, and many more.” (From her website).

Avin has released two CDs: The Wayback Machine and Firefly Ballet.

Avin will be performing at the February 8th Mountain Rose Concert.

Irvin Tersic SmallIrvin John Terzic

Irvin Terzic is a blues/folk Acoustic Artist who’s been songwriting and performing since childhood.¬†Irvin will be opening for Avin Loki Baird at the February Mountain Rose Concert.¬†

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