Welcome to Twistin' Tom Ball's Site!

For several years Tom Ball has been recording the Just Plain Folk radio show which focused on Great World and Local Folk music, past and present, with a special emphasis on the NE Ohio folk music scene. In January 2016, Live365, which was home to Just Plain Folk online, has shut it's doors to the small-scale radio show. Increases in Royalty fees made it too expensive for Live365 to cover the costs. Tom is looking for a new outlet.

Mountain Rose Concerts

Twistin' Tom Radio remains a proud sponsor of this wonderful concert series, which features one show a month from October through May. Visit the Mountain Rose page for concert schedule, directions and all the good stuff.

First Show of the 2017-18 Season!: Last Exit Duo on October 8th at Fred Fuller Park.

Open Mic!

Tom hosts an Open Mic night every Tuesday evening at Houston Pub (at 3069 Houston Road, Norton, Ohio 44203), from 7pm to 10pm. Singers/Players, join us and perform in a pleasant, welcoming space!

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