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Great World and Local Folk music, past and present, with a special emphasis on the NE Ohio folk music scene. Enjoy interviews with featured solo artists and Bands interspersed with their songs, and songs by other artists, new and old.

Bill Schilling #690

Bill Schilling New!

Bill Schilling of Salem, Ohio is the Director of the annual Dulci-More Festival. Dulci-More Festival 21 runs from Friday May 22 through Sunday May 24th. Bill is a folk-style singer and multi-instrumentalist, and is the Music Coordinator for Folk Music at Weatherbury Farm.He leads several other groups and teaches and performs at many festivals.

The SmallsRich & Kathy Small New!

The Smalls have been involved in the American Folk Music scene for many years. Their performances can be tailored to include music from the Revolutionary days of America through their original compositions of today. Traditional old time instruments such as the Mountain Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery, Autoharp, Guitar, Harmonica, Tenor Banjo and various others are used to accompany the singing of Appalachian Mountain Ballads, Civil War Laments, Lively Audience Sing-a-longs, Original Compositions and Folk Songs from all eras.

Robin Montgomery and Kevin Eblen #689

Rockin Robin Montgomery

Kevin Eblen

Rockin Robin has been playing around Northeast Ohio for twenty years; he's accompanied numerous local musicians playing a wide array of styles. Show #689 features live tracks of Rockin Robin performing blues, country and standard tunes. He is accompanied on several tunes by Kevin Eblen and will be playing the Mountain Rose Concert on May 3rd (with friends).

Johnny G #688

Johnny G

Johnny G's music is based in blues, jazz and indie, and his stories come from a life full of extensive travel. The release of his first-ever CD Road Worn Man, offers up 14 of his best, written over the last 5 years and produced with some of Northeast Ohio's best known musicians. Though he plays guitar, harmonica and percussion, Johnny G's best instrument is his voice made rich by the passage of time and his unique abilities. His singing style has been loosely compared to people like Tom Waits and Van Morrison, and he's known for emulating horn parts with scat phrasing.

Johnny plays trumpet and has worked as a rhythm guitarist, percussionist, and back-up singer in various bands in Ohio, Hawaii, South Carolina and Colorado. Now he's settled in Akron, Ohio and will be the featured artist at the Sunday, April 12th Mountain Rose Concert.

Program Note

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Mountain Rose Concerts

Twistin' Tom Radio is a proud sponsor of this wonderful concert series, which features one show a month from October through May. Come see some of our radio show guests (and other acts) live! Visit our Mountain Rose page for concert schedule, directions and all the good stuff.

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