About Twistin' Tom

photo of Tom workingTom Ball started his radio shows in 1999, after retiring from government service. A life long music lover, Tom felt that local music was not well represented on radio. Neither were many wonderful artists from around the USA. As radio became more and more homegenized, fewer and fewer artists could get airplay. So Tom embarked on an effort to create shows that featured live music by artists who were high quality but low profile.

Tom's first show was Just Plain Folk which focused on folk and acoustic music, including local artists. A few years later he added another show: Anything Goes, which was more diverse and included rock and blues. Tom changed the show's name to The Bedtime Snack in 2004.

In 2011 91.3 The Summit radio station changed formats, ending their relationship with their existing local shows. Undaunted, Tom turned to the web and began airing Just Plain Folk online.

The shows have been a tremendous joy for Tom. He has interviewed and featured over 1000 acts and has amassed a collection of over 3000 CD's. Tom never tires of talking to artists and discovering new talents.

Tom foots the bills for the shows himself, with assistance from occasional fundraisers and donations from supporters. His shows require a lot of work; they are labors of love.

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