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The Mountain Rose is a small-hall concert series featuring local and regional artists with more talent than exposure. We pride ourselves on presenting high-quality performances to an audience that really LISTENS. That is the beauty of a concert setting. Our performers are primarily acoustic artists, mostly in the folk, traditional, and singer-songwriter categories. The concerts are run in Kent, Ohio, with the normal season running October through May. We occasionally (twice a year) produce all-day festivals at the Happy Days Visitor Center in The Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

2014 Concert Schedule

Light refreshments will be available at all shows.

Mallory SanMarcoSunday, May 4th, 2014

Mallory SanMarco

Walk into any room where Mallory SanMarco is playing her unique brand of original music and you’ll never guess what this talented young singer/songwriter will come up with next. She can soothe your ear with a haunting version of her original ballad “Thousand Tiny Pieces”, amuse you with her take on certain facets of the youth culture with “I’m Emo” or make a devastating social statement with songs like “Warning Signs (The Kneecap Song)” or “Bobbi.” Each well-crafted tune is presented with wit, charm and a smile that is both captivating and disarming.

Since her first solo show in September of 2006, Mallory has been entertaining audiences at venues as diverse as the Barking Spider, Baldwin-Wallace and Hiram College, Phoenix and Caribou Coffeehouses, Brother’s Lounge, Wilbert’s, the Winchester and many of northeast Ohio’s better-known stages. Quiet and unassuming, Mallory draws listeners in with simple guitar work and the ability to tell a story in clear prose and lucid lyrics.

Mallory is currently working on recording her first full-length studio album. To hear more of her music online, or for a taste of the real thing, check out her website:

Bob SammonBob Sammon

When Bob Sammon “picks up his Guild dreadnought guitar,” according to the Dayton Daily News, “his song rings out, a story set to music.” Starting in New York and honing his musical craft in Southwest Ohio, Bob now resides in Cleveland and performs for audiences young and old alike. The host of a popular open mic, Bob is deeply involved in music on the North Coast whether he’s performing in concert halls and taverns, for benefits or in schools. As president of Folknet, he promotes folk music and dance in northeast Ohio. His shows feature original music that many listeners have called “heart-felt” while others say it truly comes “from the heart” telling stories both personal and universal. His appearance as part of the Mountain Rose Concert series will feature songs from his first CD, Here’s To You Friends, along with songs composed since its release and scheduled for inclusion on the next record.

Rich and Kathy SmallSunday, April 13th, 2014

The Smalls

Rich and Kathy Small have been active in music nearly all of their lives and involved in the Folk, Gospel and Old-Time Music scene for many years. Their performances are tailored to include music from the Revolutionary Days of America through Original Compositions of today. Traditional instruments such as the Autoharp, Bowed Psaltry, Mountain Dulcimer and Guitar are used to accompany the singing of Appalachian Mountain Ballads, Civil War Laments, Old-Time Gospel Favorites, Lively Audience Sing-a-Longs, Original Compositions and Folk Songs from all eras.

The Small’s were long-time residents of Carroll County, Ohio where they hosted The Old Time Gospel Fest Concert Series at The Bluebird Amphitheater, directed the State Award winning Arts of Appalachia Music Camp for Children and were regular presenters of Folk and Appalachian Style Music at events sponsored by the Carroll County Arts Commission. They relocated in the Fall of 2013 to Canton, Ohio and have appeared regionally at numerous festivals and community events. Email The Smalls.

Rich and Kathy are looking forward to sharing their music with the Mountain Rose audience and joining Bill Schilling, for part of the evening, for some great harmonies and lots of fun.

Bill SchillingBill Schilling

Bill Schilling has been singing and playing various folk instruments for over 40 years. He has performed for audiences of all ages in many settings from coast to coast. His high-energy performances may include songs, slide programs, and/or stories. His performances often involve audience participation songs or activities. Bill Schilling sometimes performs with Rich and Kathy Small, Linda Sigismondi, Marge Diamond, Leanna Dugan, Lois Mountz, Adam Sutch, Carol Gaj, or Bill Schilling & Folks to provide harmonies or more combinations of instruments.

Bill is active in several musical organizations including Dulci-More:Folk & Traditional Musicians; the Canton Folk Song Society, The Dulcimore Society of Trumbull County, Folknet, at others. Although Bill has lived in various places across the country, he has been back in his hometown of Salem, Ohio for nearly 25 years.

FrackersSunday, March 9th, 2014

The Cuyahoga Valley Frackers

The Cuyahoga Valley Frackers is comprised of musicians who appreciate Ohio’s beautiful Cuyahoga Valley and enjoy good-natured humor. The four members have a wide variety of musical influences including rock, old-timey, folk, and even punk. These powerful musical backgrounds help them to create a pleasing yet hearty sound of folk music that makes them unique. Michael Graham brings his multi-talented instrumental ability to make magic on guitar, mandolin and even a little percussion when he feels like it. Thomas Schurr, the steadfast steady bass man brings a wise-thumping rhythm that’ll keep your feet tapping (you won’t want to stop). Robert Thompson not only dazzles us with his lead acoustic guitar but also jives quite lively on banjo and percussion. Then there is the fair Mary Plazo who adds to the group with a little guitar and also very solid percussion to keep the boys moving along. Top all of this with sweet four part harmonies and songs that will make you laugh and cry and you’ll discover how it’s possible to enjoy music even more than you already do!

Up River Duo Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Up River Duo

Upriver, featuring Teresa Morrison and Dan Moorefield, is a well traveled musical/historical time machine, combining an extensive repertoire of American and Celtic folk music with insightful looks into 18th and 19th century American history. For this show, Up River will perform two sets. First, Up River plays Celtic and Appalachian Mountain music passed along through generations and rarely heard on TV or the radio. The music is woven with stories of the people who carried it from their Celtic homelands. Second, the Upriver Civil War set examines the 1840 to 1870 time period, featuring music from the minstrel shows, the abolitionist movement, patriotic and recovery songs from the war years, slave songs and American gospel music to highlight the intense passion and sorrow of the era. Little know facts related to the war and music will be shared.

Dan is featured on guitars, piano, fiddle and vocals. Teresa brings to the music a variety of instruments which can include the Irish whistle, alto recorder, banjo, mandolin, guitars and vocals. Ranging from toe-tapping to haunting, this is a “must-see” Mountain Rose concert!

Jan HammondSunday, January 12th, 2014

Jan Hammond

Jan Hammond is a lifetime resident of Ohio. She has four solo CDs and one duet CD with guitar master Tom Conner. Jan is a two-time Kentucky State Mountain Dulcimer Champion, the only four-time winner at the Mid-Eastern Regional Dulcimer Championships, a Top Five Finalist and a 3rd Place winner at the National Mountain Dulcimer Championships held each year in Winfield, KS. She is also a Certified Music Practitioner. Jan has presented at the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, Dulcimore (OH), the Southeast Ohio Dulcimer Festival, the Phoenix Folk Festival, the Kent State Folk Festival The Swannanoa Gathering and Kentucky Music Winter Weekend.

Paul ConradPaul Conrad

Paul Conrad is a mountain dulcimer builder and performer from Millersburg, Ohio. He has been creating playable works of art since 2005. Paul primarily uses storm-down timber and while he is known for his beautiful intarsia designs, it is his attention to tone and resonance that have set his instruments apart from others. Paul and Jan have combined their songwriting talents, co-writing many of the songs on Jan’s latest CD, Connected. The two have performed together and never fail to entertain and engage their audience.


Fall 2013 Concert Schedule

Keith Lamont BachmanSunday, October 13th, 2013

Keith Lamont Bachman

Keith was a regular on the Gene Carroll Show from the mid to late 1970′s and he attended Berklee School of Music in Boston. Keith will be the opening act for the Mountain Rose 2013-2014 Concert Series, followed by Sugarcreek.



Out of small town Ohio comes a duo like no other. SUGARCREEK can be described as different, fun, engaging, wholesome, and unique. They bring several styles of music to their performances and do it all acoustically.

Steve Lautt, (Guitar, 12 String Guitar,Dobro and Vocals), accompanies Terrie Kimball, (Vocals and Percussion), as they play through a large array of songs from all walks of life.

Sugarcreek has been praised for their beautiful harmonies and tributes to popular bands such as The Civil Wars, Fleetwood Mac, The Lumineers, Adele, and Norah Jones, but they also pay homage to timeless treasures including Carole King, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. As a group, SUGARCREEK cater to their audience and learn new music through requests, but also write their own songs stemming from personal experience and life’s road. No matter where they are or what they’re playing, there is one thing you can count on from Terrie and Steve: a toe-tapping, smile inducing show that will leave you craving more.

 Showtime: 6:30; Tickets: $7.00; Location: Roy Smith Shelter House in the Fred Fuller Park.

FezMonkeys-LgSunday, November 10th, 2013

Smokin Fez Monkeys

“Loaded with old favorites and originals that someday will be, and armed with a batch of low tech whizbangs that can barely be classified as instruments, The Smokin Fez Monkeys are a special ops unit in the war against seriousness. If you force us to describe ourselves, we might evade you with something artsy and esoteric like, “Cheapshot trashophonic retrovaudevillian gypsy hobo quackeristic wackhouse with a twist of Spike on the cutting edge of cornball.” But you can just call us a jug band. Our mission is to do to music what the Wienermobile did to the auto, what M.C. Escher did to the third dimension, what Bugs Bunny did to Elmer Fudd. We’re trying like crazy to put the fun back into live music and bring the audience back into the mix. So give us a listen. Better yet, come and see us. And prepare yourself to clap your hands and stamp your feet and sing along; be part of the show, make smart remarks, and have a barrel of fun. We were going to say something about our great talent and brilliant technical skills, but we’re out of space. Oh, yeah. Don’t buy anything from Rattletrap Jack.”

Showtime: 6:30; Tickets: $7.00; Location: Roy Smith Shelter House in the Fred Fuller Park.

JoeRollinPorterSunday, December 8th, 2013

Joe Rollin Porter

Traditional folk songs, mostly of the Appalachian variety, and early rural blues tunes make up the bulk of Joe Rollin Porter’s repertoire, but his dynamic fingerstyle guitar playing and singing transcend genre and style. Joe does not attempt to “authentically” replicate old-time music. Nor does he try to modernize the old songs to make them appeal to contemporary commercial tastes. Rather, after years of absorbing and internalizing traditional folk music, the songs flow out as natural self-expression. The result is an individual artistic statement that injects new life and energy into the folk tradition, keeping the heritage alive and growing. Joe is a native of Ohio, living in Cleveland for the last 5 years. He plans to release his second CD in December of 2013 or January of 2014

oblossomOtis Blossom

Otis Blossom has been singing forgotten songs from the 50′s to the present for many years. He is a member of the Excitable Boys and leads his family band called the Otis Blossom Express. Otis is a regular at Tom Ball’s open stage on Tuesdays at the Houston Pub in Norton and always gets the crowd singing when he performs old or new tunes.

Showtime: 6:30; Tickets: $7.00; Location: Roy Smith Shelter House in the Fred Fuller Park.

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